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  • [edit] Decollectivization under German occupation "A new order of land use — the gift of Adolf Hitler to the Russian people" (February 1942) But decollectivization conflicted with the wider demands of wartime food production, and. — “Collectivization in the Soviet Union - Wikipedia, the free”,
  • Decollectivization increased the options available to individual households and made household heads increasingly responsible for the economic success of their households. Decollectivization in the early 1980s resulted in the revival of. — “Rural society in China - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • In February 1942, under Rosenberg's plans, it tried to promulgate a program of land reform in the occupied territories in the USSR that included promises of decollectivization through abolition of kolkhozes and re-distribution of land to peasants for individual farming. — “Reich Ministry for the Occupied Eastern Territories”,

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