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  • Neck of a Proto-Attic loutrophoros by the Analatos Painter. In the history of Ancient Greece the Orientalizing Period is the The period is characterized by a shift from the prevailing Geometric Style to a style with different. — “Orientalizing Period - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • This is a standing figure of a man with an almost daedalic form with the legend "Mantiklos offers me as a tithe to Apollo of the Mantiklos figure is referred to in some quarters as proto-daedalic. — “Ancient Greek sculpture - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • The adorned oak statues are sometimes also called "daedala" (Greek δάιδαλα or δαιδάλεια, "things pertaining to the Daedala") or "Daedalic sculpture". [edit] Other usages. The term "daedala" can also be taken as the feminine version of "Daedalus", the famed inventor. — “Daedala - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,


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