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  • Dacoits existed in Burma as well as India, and Rudyard Kipling's fictional Private Mulvaney was hunting Burmese "dacoits" in The Taking of Lungtungpen. The term was also applied, according to OED, to "pirates who formerly infested the Ganges between Calcutta and Burhampore". — “Dacoity - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Man Singh, known as "Daku Man Singh", meaning Dacoit Maan Singh, (dacoit written in Hindi as Daku), died 1955, was a notorious dacoit, or bandit, born in Agra to a Rajput Family. He took to crime due to poverty and discrimination. Popularly. — “Man Singh (dacoit) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • "The Brain That Refused to Die" - single, Dacoit, 1980 " "When I Go to the Beach" - single, Dacoit, 1983 "When I Go to the Beach" - single, Twin. — “The Slickee Boys - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,

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