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  • In psychology, confabulation is the spontaneous narrative report of events that never happened. In some cases, confabulation results from the brain's chemistry, a mapping of the activation of neurons to brain activity.[4][5] Confabulation can also occur as a result of damage to the. — “Confabulation - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • It seems to confabulate language and communication. Which one is it about? The title in wikispace is "Animal language", but the title one the templace which appears in article space is "Animal communication". The lists of "communicative" birds. — “Template talk:Animal language - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • subst}}}#switch: {{{Rand}}} | 1 =--omtay38(Talk) | 2 =--omtay38(Chatter) | 3 =--omtay38(Gossip) | 4 =--omtay38(Confabulate) | 5 =--omtay 38 | 6 =--omtay 38 | 7 =--omtay 38 | 8 =--omtay 38 | 9 =--omtay 38 | 10 =--omtay XXXVIII | 11 =--omtay Thirty. — “User:Omtay38/signature - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,


  • The two proud dowagers, Lady Lynn and Lady Ingram, confabulate together. — “Jane Eyre” by Charlotte Bronte


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