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General Crossword Questions for “concoction”

  • Mixture - elaborate lie


  • A concoction is, strictly speaking, a combination of various ingredients, usually herbs, spices, condiments, powdery substances or minerals, mixed up The term "concoction" is sometimes loosely used metaphorically in order to describe a cocktail or a motley. — “Concoction - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Encyclopedia entry about the Gregorian or New Style calendar, the twelve-month calendar introduced in the Western world in 1582 to replace the less precise Julian calendar. — “Gregorian Calendar - Wikipedia”,
  • Boza, also bosa (from Turkish: boza [1][2]), is a popular fermented beverage in Turkey, It is a malt drink, made from maize (corn) and wheat in Albania, fermented wheat in. — “Boza - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,


  • It was not that bastard concoction I had tasted in the pseudo-Bohemias of Soho; it was not the showy but insipid beverage I should have drunk my fill of at Morven Lodge; it was the purest of her pure vintages, instilling the ancient inspiration which, under many guises, quickens thousands of better brains than mine, but whose essence is always the same; the gay pursuit of a perilous quest. — “The Riddle of the Sands” by Erskine Childers
  • More dangerous to the wielder, too, this weapon of wealth, double-edged with the cupidity and misery of mankind, steeped in all the vices of self-indulgence as in a concoction of poisonous roots, tainting the very cause for which it is drawn, always ready to turn awkwardly in the hand. — “Nostromo” by Joseph Conrad
  • The keeper of the shelter in the middle of this tête-â-tête put a boiling swimming cup of a choice concoction labelled coffee on the table and a rather antediluvian specimen of a bun, or so it seemed. — “Ulysses” by James Joyce
  • Of this concoction Maskull drank cup after cup, and long after the tongue had disappeared he was still imbibing. — “A Voyage to Arcturus” by David Lindsay
  • For drink, we took some wonderful sticky concoction of Harris’s, which you mixed with water and called lemonade, plenty of tea, and a bottle of whisky, in case, as George said, we got upset. — “Three Men in a Boat” by Jerome K. Jerome
  • By the time the lecture ended and the audience awoke, she had built up a splendid fortune for herself (not the first founded on paper), and was already deep in the concoction of her story, being unable to decide whether the duel should come before the elopement or after the murder. — “Little Women” by Louisa M. Alcott


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