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  • Is Juan Cole's analytical non-conclusory opinion suitable for inclusion in the subject article? Is the opinion itself notable in that it is non Godwin's Rule because it is analytical, nonconclusory (conclusory means coming to a conclusion without analysis), identifies factors and relates facts to them?. — “Wikipedia:Requests for mediation/Neo-Fascism - Wikipedia, the”,
  • After reaching its definition of "militia," the court makes the conclusory statement that an individual's right is not "contingent upon his or her continued or intermittent enrollment in the militia. And even if the court's conclusory statement is allowed to pass, it. — “Talk:District of Columbia v. Heller/Archive 1 - Wikipedia”,
  • This user's limited grasp of English usage renders this conclusory argument suspect; but in order to respond effectively to this Contrary to Caspian blue's thin conclusory statement, the term Yonsei is readily found in a web search. In fact, the fully. — “Talk:Yonsei (fourth-generation Nikkei) - Wikipedia, the free”,


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