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  • Juxtaposition of neutral information and non-neutral ads cheapens the encyclopedia. That in itself is offensive, as it cheapens sex, but it gets worse: since the advertiser needs to appeal to the largest possible. — “User:AxelBoldt/No advertisements - Wikipedia, the free”,
  • I feel that universities handing these out willy-nilly cheapens the value of their real degrees and that a " Whether this is because any of them feel it 'cheapens' a real degree I don't know. — “Wikipedia:Reference desk/Archives/Humanities/2009 December 29”,
  • "and including it here cheapens the relevance and importance of PH." I'm not the one that keeps bringing up Pearl Harbor in reference to 11 September. You seem to imply any other reference "cheapens" the memory; I'm asking, do you suggest not punishing Japan each year also does. — “Talk:Attack on Pearl Harbor/Archive 6 - Wikipedia, the free”,


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