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  • Cerebrates are secondary agents in the Zerg Swarm, each of which commands an individual brood of Zerg that possesses a distinct Insurrection features two further cerebrates, Nargil and Auza. — “Characters of StarCraft - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Despite this, he is able to free Tassadar from the captivity of the Conclave[12] and supported by Fenix's forces, personally assassinates two key cerebrates in the Overmind's core defenses.[13] Zeratul then participates in the end battle of StarCraft. — “Zeratul - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Protoss found a way to prevent reincarnation of Cerebrates. Tassadar reports on meeting with Dark Templar and the importance of killing Cerebrates. — “List of StarCraft missions - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,


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