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  • Suffixes and Infixes in English language -a -a-thon -ability -able -ably -ac -acea -aceae -acean -aceous carp -carpic -carpous -ce -cele -cene -centric -cephalic -cephalous -cephaly -ceptor -chore -chory -chroic -chrome -chroous -cidal -cide -cion -clase -clasis -cle -cleisis -clinal -cline. — “User:Bennylin/Affixes - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • By stressing the undirected nature of the movement he qualifies the name a-cephalous (without a head) rather than poly-cephalous (with many heads) (Gerlach in Della Porta and Diani, 1999). The different organizations within a social movement may even hold different or conflicting ideas. — “Talk:Clash of Civilizations/Rastinny essay - Wikipedia, the”,
  • Together with Grigore Antipa, he was one of the most noted promoters of natural sciences in Romania. l'encéphale des Annélides Polychète ("The cephalous lobe and the encephalon of. — “Emil Racoviţă - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,

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