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  • Packera glabella (formerly Senecio glabellus) is one of several plants with the common name butterweed, this one has also been called cressleaf groundsel and yellowtop. It is native to Butterweed is found from Texas north to South Dakota and east to Ohio with a disjunct population in Delaware. — “Packera glabella - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • 4 -) New Mexico Butterweed - Senecio neomexicanus. New Mexico Butterweed, New Mexico Groundsel. See: Senecio, Butterweed, Shrubby Butterweed. Ragwort. Douglas' Ragwort, Threadleaf Ragwort. More names: Old Man. Creek Senecio. — “List of plants by common name (Sonoran Desert) - Wikipedia”,
  • honor of the botanist David Douglas) member of the daisy family and genus Senecio also known as Threadleaf Groundsel (and Bush Senecio, Creek Senecio, Shrubby Butterweed, Comb Butterweed, Smooth Threadleaf Ragwort, Mono Ragwort, Douglas Ragwort,. — “Senecio flaccidus - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,


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