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General Crossword Questions for “boulogne”

  • Messy blue goo found round northern French city


  • The name Boulogne was first recorded during the Roman Empire as Bononia, a derivative of of the Royal Air Force bombed Boulogne harbour to suppress German naval activity. — “Boulogne-sur-Mer - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Boulogne-Billancourt (often colloquially called simply Boulogne) is a commune in the western suburbs of Paris, France. It is located 8.2 km (5.1 mi) from the centre of Paris. Boulogne-sur-Seine received a small part of the territory of Passy,. — “Boulogne-Billancourt - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Union Sportive de Boulogne-sur-Mer Côte d'Opale (French pronunciation: [juːnjən spɔrtɪv The Coupe de France 1937 competition saw Boulogne make the semi-finals, but they were convincingly beaten by FC Sochaux 6–0. After the war, Boulogne reverted back to amateur status – and only became a. — “US Boulogne - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,


  • I once heard of a prince, and a great captain, having a narration given him as he sat at table of the proceeding against Monsieur de Vervins, who was sentenced to death for having surrendered Boulogne to the English, –[To Henry VIII. in 1544]–openly maintaining that a soldier could not justly be put to death for want of courage. — “Essays” by Michel de Montaigne
  • One day, however, Monsieur Lheureux met her coming out of the Hotel de Boulogne on Leon's arm; and she was frightened, thinking he would gossip. He was not such a fool. But three days after he came to her room, shut the door, and said, "I must have some money." — “Madame Bovary” by Gustave Flaubert
  • I will go by the way of Boulogne to clear the way; Athos will set out two hours after, by that of Amiens; Aramis will follow us by that of Noyon; as to d'Artagnan, he will go by what route he thinks is best, in Planchet's clothes, while Planchet will follow us like d'Artagnan, in the uniform of the Guards." — “The Three Musketeers” by Alexandre Dumas
  • The learned Smelfungus travelled from Boulogne to Paris,–from Paris to Rome,–and so on;–but he set out with the spleen and jaundice, and every object he pass'd by was discoloured or distorted.–He wrote an account of them, but 'twas nothing but the account of his miserable feelings. — “A Sentimental Journey” by Lawrence Sterne
  • Becky had it made into a pelisse for herself, in which she rode in the Bois de Boulogne to the admiration of all: and you should have seen the scene between her and her delighted husband, whom she rejoined after the army had entered Cambray, and when she unsewed herself, and let out of her dress all those watches, knick-knacks, bank-notes, cheques, and valuables, which she had secreted in the wadding, previous to her meditated flight from Brussels! Tufto was charmed, and Rawdon roared with delighted laughter, and swore that she was better than any play he ever saw, by Jove. — “Vanity Fair” by William Makepeace Thackeray
  • Pierre saw that Boris wished to change the subject, and being of the same mind he began explaining the advantages and disadvantages of the Boulogne expedition. — “War and Peace” by Leo Tolstoy


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