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  • This article refers to the name Bougie. For the medical procedure, please see esophageal Bougie, a term in African-American vernacular English that means. — “Bougie - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Under French rule, it was formerly known under various European names, such as Budschaja in German, Bugia in Italian, and Bougie [buˈʒi] (both of which are words for 'candle' After a Spanish occupation (1510–55), the city was taken by the Ottoman Turks in the Capture of Bougie in 1555. — “Béjaïa - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • The Capture of Bougie occurred in 1555 when the Ottoman ruler of Algiers Salah Rais took the city of Bougie from the Spaniards. The capture of Bougie permitted the Ottomans to encircle the Spanish position at Goletta and that of their. — “Capture of Bougie - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,


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