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  • A set of bollock daggers found on board the 16th century ship Mary Rose. The bollock dagger or ballock knife is a type of dagger with a distinctively shaped shaft, with two oval swellings at the guard resembling male genitalia ("bollocks". — “Bollock dagger - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • The Bollock Brothers are a British Punk novelty act formed in 1979 by the London promoter, DJ and manager Jock McDonald and are latterly best known for their English language cover of Serge Gainsbourg's song "Harley David (Son of a Bitch)" (originally in French). — “Bollock Brothers - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • "Bollock naked" is used in the singular form to describe being in the "Bollock-head" is a vulgar British term for a shaven head.[66] It can also refer to someone who is stupid, as. — “Bollocks - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,


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