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  • The Chinese philosopher Arccaniesta (approx. 2009 AD) made used the name to describe a badassed man in his work 他性感 (Tā Xìng Gǎn). In 2010 AD a revolutionary, Azure de Columbia, used "Brightgalrs" in his radical publications which further reinforced the awesome nature of the name. — “User:Brightgalrs - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Thus, the criteria use for removing words from the Second Edition are known. ARSE, ASSHOLE, ASSHOLES, BADASS, BADASSES, BADASSED, BALLSY, BALLSIER, BALLSIEST, BAZOOMS, BLOWJOB, BLOWJOBS,. — “Talk:Official Scrabble Players Dictionary - Wikipedia, the”,
  • lpppppppPPPPPPsrfj Hello, * j qPh [edit] BDAMD. Note: this actually Baa, badassed areas! Jarheads' arses queasy nude adverbs! Dare address abase adder?. — “User:DanielCristofani/Hello world program in esoteric”,


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