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General Crossword Questions for “baccate”

  • Berry's description: graduate, county councillor and mischief-maker


  • Many species of plants produce fruit that are similar to berries but not actually berries, and these are said to be baccate. In everyday English, "berry" is a term for any small edible fruit. These "berries" are usually juicy, round or semi. — “Berry - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Herbs, perennial, rhizomatous, 1.5–8 dm; rhizomes bearing thin, fibrous roots. Leaves: basal 2–6, arising from rhizome crown, sessile, sheathing, hyaline, chaffy in age; cauline petiolate, blade with central vein prominent Fruits baccate, metallic blue to black, 4–30-seeded, ellipsoid to. — “Discusión:Clintonia - Wikipedia, la enciclopedia libre”,
  • "Canella", the diminutive of the Latin canna, a cane or reed, was first applied to the Fruit baccate, indehiscent, 2 to 4-seeded.[5] A tree, with scaly aromatic bark, stout ashy gray branchlets conspicuously marked with large orbicular. — “Canella - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,


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