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  • Bacalao (or Terra do Bacalhau) was a phantom island depicted on several early 16th century maps and nautical charts. The name first appears on a chart in 1508, but there are earlier accounts of Bacalao.[citation needed] Bacalao literally means "cod" or "stockfish". — “Bacalao - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • For example, it is known as bacalao (Spanish), bakaiļao (Basque), bacallà (Catalan), morue (French), baccalà (Italian), bacalhau (Portuguese), ráktoguolli/goikeguolli (Sami), klippfisk/clipfish (Scandinavian), saltfiskur (Icelandic), bakalar (Croatian), and Saltfish (Caribbean). — “Dried and salted cod - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • This article is about the family of Portuguese and Brazilian dishes called Bacalhau. For the fish product that is the main ingredient in these dishes, see dried and salted cod. For the semi-legendary island of Bacalhau, see Bacalao. Salted and dried cod, produced in Norway. — “Bacalhau - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,


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