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General Crossword Questions for “babylon”

  • Ancient ruined city in modern Iraq
  • Place of sorrowful exile (or of luxury and decadence)
  • Little half of capital from old city
  • Little half of capital old city


  • Babylon (Greek Βαβυλών, from Akkadian: Babili, Babilla) was a city-state of ancient Mesopotamia, the remains of which are found All that remains of the original ancient famed city of Babylon today is a mound, or tell, of broken mud-brick buildings and debris in the fertile Mesopotamian plain. — “Babylon - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Overview on the sci-fi television series, Babylon 5. Includes story outline, cast, production details, trivia, and details on the spin-offs. — “Babylon 5 - Wikipedia”,
  • Because Spiritual Babylon would have worldwide influence, affecting "all nations" many Babylon's religious influence is traced eastward to India.[36]. — “Whore of Babylon - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,


  • "Ah, Konstantin Dmitrievitch! So you've come back to our corrupt Babylon," she said, giving him her tiny, yellow hand, and recalling what he had chanced to say early in the winter, that Moscow was a Babylon. "Come, is Babylon reformed, or have you degenerated?" she added, glancing with a simper at Kitty. — “Anna Karenina” by Leo Tolstoy
  • If the Babylon out there really does fall, and great will be the fall thereof (about which I quite agree with you, yet I think it will last my time), there's nothing to fall here in Russia, comparatively speaking. — “The Possessed” by Fyodor Dostoyevsky
  • It may, therefore, be easily imagined there is no scarcity of guides at the Colosseum, that wonder of all ages, which Martial thus eulogizes: "Let Memphis cease to boast the barbarous miracles of her pyramids, and the wonders of Babylon be talked of no more among us; all must bow to the superiority of the gigantic labor of the Caesars, and the many voices of Fame spread far and wide the surpassing merits of this incomparable monument." — “The Count of Monte Cristo” by Alexandre Dumas
  • I toss'd and turn'd it almost all night long in my brains to no manner of purpose; and when I awoke in the morning, I found my spirits as much troubled with my dreams, as ever the King of Babylon had been with his; and I will not hesitate to affirm, it would have puzzled all the wise men of Paris as much as those of Chaldea to have given its interpretation. — “A Sentimental Journey” by Lawrence Sterne
  • Whoso that will his large volume seek Called the Saintes' Legend of Cupid:<5> There may he see the large woundes wide Of Lucrece, and of Babylon Thisbe; The sword of Dido for the false Enee; The tree of Phillis for her Demophon; The plaint of Diane, and of Hermion, Of Ariadne, and Hypsipile; The barren isle standing in the sea; The drown'd Leander for his fair Hero; The teares of Helene, and eke the woe Of Briseis, and Laodamia; The cruelty of thee, Queen Medea, Thy little children hanging by the halse*, *neck For thy Jason, that was of love so false. — “Canterbury Tales” by Geoffrey Chaucer
  • The trip would benefit health on account of the bracing ozone and be in every way thoroughly pleasurable, especially for a chap whose liver was out of order, seeing the different places along the route, Plymouth, Falmouth, Southampton and so on culminating in an instructive tour of the sights of the great metropolis, the spectacle of our modern Babylon where doubtless he would see the greatest improvement, tower, abbey, wealth of Park lane to renew acquaintance with. — “Ulysses” by James Joyce


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