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General Crossword Questions for “baba”

  • Sponge cake elephant's picked up by the ears


  • Baba-Yaga (Russian: Ба́ба-Яга́, IPA: [ˈbabə jəˈɡa]) is a witch-like character in Slavic folklore. The name of Baba-Yaga is composed of two elements. Baba means "old woman" or "grandmother" used in most Slavic languages; it derives from babytalk and often has come to have pejorative. — “Baba Yaga - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Baba ghanoush, baba ghannouj or baba ghannoug[1] (Arabic بابا غنوج bābā ġanūj) is an Arab dish of aubergine (eggplant) mashed and mixed with various seasonings. In some parts of the Levant, baba ghanoush is a starter or appetizer; in Egypt it is mostly served as a side-dish or salad. — “Baba ghanoush - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Meher Baba (Devanagari: मेहेर बाबा), (February 25, 1894 – January 31, 1969), born Merwan Sheriar Irani, was an Indian mystic and spiritual master who declared publicly From July 10, 1925 to the end of his life, Meher Baba maintained silence, and communicated by means of an alphabet board or by. — “Meher Baba - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,


  • He then endeavored to re-enter the marvellous grottos, but they had suddenly receded, and now the path became a labyrinth, and then the entrance vanished, and in vain did he tax his memory for the magic and mysterious word which opened the splendid caverns of Ali Baba to the Arabian fisherman. — “The Count of Monte Cristo” by Alexandre Dumas
  • Bomboost, Count Athanatos Karamelopulos, Ali Baba Backsheesh Rahat Lokum Effendi, Senor Hidalgo Caballero Don Pecadillo y Palabras y Paternoster de la Malora de la Malaria, Hokopoko Harakiri, Hi Hung Chang, Olaf Kobberkeddelsen, Mynheer Trik van Trumps, Pan Poleaxe Paddyrisky, Goosepond Prhklstr Kratchinabritchisitch, Borus Hupinkoff, Herr Hurhausdirektorpresident Hans Chuechli-Steuerli, Nationalgymnasiummuseumsanatoriumandsuspensoriumsordinaryprivatdocent -generalhistoryspecialprofessordoctor Kriegfried Ueberallgemein. — “Ulysses” by James Joyce


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