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  • Amygdalin is extracted from almond or apricot kernel cake by boiling in ethanol; on evaporation of the solution and the addition of diethyl ether, amygdalin is precipitated as white minute crystals. Amygdalin is sometimes confused with laevomandelonitrile, also called. — “Amygdalin - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Amygdalin 1 cis also called laevomandelonitrile, or Laetrile (some claim that Laetrile is unrelated to Amygdalin and almost no time on what amygdalin did for. — “Talk:Amygdalin - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • With no exceptions, all theory and successful practice in amygdalin therapy is based upon the clinical use of pure natural amygdalin".[17] In 2005 scientists in the Republic of Korea conducted experiments that involved applying amygdalin to cancer cells. — “User:Paul61485/Krebs - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,


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