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  • Mind: gin a wird or phrase kythes in an airticle wi aefauld quotes, sic as 'abcd', the Wikipedia:Rakin saftware conseiders the aefauld quotes ti be pairt o the word an will juist finnd that wird or phrase gin the rakin string is athin aefauld quotes an aa. — “Wikipedia:Style Haundbeuk - Wikipedia”,
  • Fog, whiles crottle, is sindry wee, saft plaunts that's for ordinar 1–10 cm (0.4-4 in) lang, tho some species is mair muckle. They dinna hae flouers or seeds, an their aefauld leafs kivers the shilpie stalks. — “Fog - Wikipedia”,
  • It ends wi Aeneas laundin on the shores o Italy, fechtin agin the hamelt indwallers thare. It is the first hail an aefauld randerin o owersettin o ony major wark o classical antiquity intae an Anglic. — “Eneados - Wikipedia”,

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