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  • Adipocere (pronounced /ˈædɨpɵsɪər/), also known as corpse, grave or mortuary wax, is a wax-like organic substance formed by the anaerobic bacterial hydrolysis of fat in tissue, such as body fat in corpses. Adipocere was first described by Sir Thomas Browne in his discourse Hydriotaphia, Urn. — “Adipocere - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • This month's Archaeology magazine describes a cask of milk found in Ireland that has aged into waxy 'adipocere' Retrieved from "". — “Talk:Adipocere - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • A friend of mine sent me a hunk of it, part of a woodchuck that had been trapped in an old and some sources also say it helps with adipocere [2] [3] but we do not offer medical. — “Wikipedia:Reference desk/Archives/Science/2008 May 30”,

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