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  • (October 2006) Find sources: "Prince-abbot" – news · books · scholar Amand von Buseck, Prince-Abbot of Fulda 1737-1752. A Prince-Abbot is a cleric who is a. — “Prince-abbot - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Like all major prelates of the time, he held multiple abbacies in commendam, which supported him in his official capacities in a manner befitting his rank. Not all these benefices came to him easily: though he was elected bishop of Cavaillon. — “Ferry de Clugny - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • The fiction of elections to bishopric by canons and to abbacies by monks was discontinuedOn Francis's part, it was at last firmly conceded that the Pope's powers were not subject to any council,[3] an affirmation of the papal position in the. — “Concordat of Bologna - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,

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