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General Crossword Questions for “abash”

  • Shame to a degree: quiet!
  • Confound with a blow
  • Cause to feel embarrassed in a social event
  • A party put down
  • Giving a party, cause embarrassment
  • Disconcert a party
  • A party given to cause embarrassment
  • Humiliate with a thump
  • Humble graduate sheltered by tree
  • Sailor has cracked up, overcome with shame
  • Down with Henry! Shame!
  • Embarrass a party?
  • Shame at a function
  • Cause to feel 4
  • Disconcert


  • ABASH is easily embarrassed when he meets new people, visits new places, or tries When Abash feels embarrassed, he hides within himself until he finds the strength to conquer his fears. — “Emotes - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Abashidze (Georgian: აბაშიძე) is a Georgian family and a former princely house. Abyssinian[1] officer named Abash who had allegedly accompanied Marwan ibn Muhammad's Arab army to Georgia in the 8th century; Abash is said to have remained in Georgia and ennobled when he saved the life of a. — “Abashidze - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Itilizatè:Masterches/lis angle-kreyòl. Depi Wikipedya, ansiklopedi lib abandone, kite abase / abese, diminye abash / demoralize abbreviate / abreje abdicate / abdike abdomen. — “Itilizatè:Masterches/lis angle-kreyòl - Wikipedya”,


  • "Well," Henrietta replied good-humouredly, "if I had not known before that you were trying somehow to abash me I should know it now. — “The Portrait of a Lady” by Henry James
  • That you are a princess does not abash me, but that you are you is enough to make me doubt my sanity as I ask you, my princess, to be mine." — “A Princess of Mars” by Edgar Rice Burroughs


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