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  • The abampere (aA), also called the Biot after Jean-Baptiste Biot, is the basic An abampere of current in a circular path of one centimeter radius produces a magnetic. — “Abampere - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • I have moved from this article to the "Electromagnetism" article text relating to electromagnetic units in general and inserted definitions of only those units (abcoulomb, abhenry, abohm) that relate to the abampere. I suggest that the other articles on these units get the same treatment. — “Talk:Abampere - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • The definition of the abcoulomb follows from that of the abampere: given two parallel currents of one abampere separated by one centimetre, the force per distance of wire is 2 dyn/cm. The abcoulomb is the charge flowing in 1 second given a current of 1 abampere. — “Abcoulomb - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,


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